Northern Roots Farm

Welcome to Northern Roots Farm!

Sustainable. Small-scale. Diverse. Off-grid. Alaskan!                                                          

Northern Roots Farm is an 80-acre farm in the interior of Alaska, just north of the Alaska Range in Big Delta. The farm follows organic and sustainable agriculture practices. We try to incorporate permaculture design into every nook and cranny possible...and also lean on biodynamic principles and good ol' fashioned common sense. 

We concentrate on nutrient-dense, heirloom produce and heritage breeds of livestock. We are a non-GMO farm; our animals don't receive commercial steroids or hormones. Commercial antibiotics would only be used in emergencies; so far they haven't been needed. We strive to make sure our soil and feed are of the highest quality to help boost the natural health and immune systems of all of those that live on the farm or reap the bounty from the farm. 

The farm is off-grid and about a mile and a half from any state maintained road. Our loudest neighbors are the coyotes when they get to singing! Honey bees are kept for pollinating, rainwater collection systems are used in watering, critters are pastured during non-snow months, solar panels take up space in the orchard, and the high tunnel is a perfect spot for a warm respite in the chilly shoulder seasons. 

The goal of our farm is to be as self-sufficient as possible, hoping to eventually produce all of our own diverse compost, animal feed, and herbal medications. We would also like to be as fossil-fuel free as possible. One step at a time. 

While we like to provide for ourselves, we love to share with others! We will be at the Tanana Valley Farmer's Market every Saturday in 2017 selling a variety of herbs, salves and balms, rhubarb, eggs, and wool products. 

We LOVE farming and the never-ending learning curve that comes with trying to produce the most nutrient-dense food as sustainably as possible. 

Please feel free to e-mail us if you’d like to make the drive and come see us!